Breakfast Briefing with Cornelius Wiesener

Detention in Military Operations

Detention in armed conflict entails a number of challenging issues under international law. This presentation will focus on the grounds for detention, which may differ significantly depending on whether the conflict is international or non-international in nature. In fact, the interplay between international humanitarian law and international human rights law remains particularly disputed in relation to the legal basis for security detention in non-international armed conflicts. Likewise, there is a need for further clarification of the institutional and procedural requirements applicable to the tribunals and review boards that are tasked with determining the status of detainees and authorising their internment.

About the speaker:

Cornelius Wiesener is a postdoctoral research fellow at iCourts and a member of the InterMil project, which conducts strategic research and provides research-based public-sector consultancy within the field of military studies.

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