Lunch seminar with Soo-hyun LEE


Regulatory and legal systems surrounding international investment are undergoing transformation and upheaval in scholarship, international institutional fora, and even the private sector. From procedural issues such as accountability, to substantive issues like societal impacts and implications for development, the deeply entrenched social, political, and economic roles of investment has turned matters of national public policy into issues deliberated by investment treaty arbitration (ITA) tribunals. This project seeks to realign prima facie tests employed by ITA tribunals that assess the use of putatively expropriatory government measures meant to achieve public interest objectives with the UN development framework and the role of international investment therein. One central aspect of that investigation involves examining how ITA tribunals approach the right to regulate in the public interest on issues that are related to sustainable development. From that question of how, this part of the project also examines the reasons behind those choices by ITA tribunals, leading then into identifying ways that the assessment of the right to regulate in the public interest can be improved to facilitate rather than obstruct legitimate measures to advance sustainable development.


Short Bio

Soo-hyun LEE is an Agenda 2030 PhD Researcher at Lund University, Faculty of Law. His research interests include international economic law, dispute settlement mechanisms, international arbitration, sustainable finance, sustainable development, development economics, and the United Nations. He has worked with the United Nations in different capacities since 2009 and has studied economics and law in the US, UK and Japan. His dissertation is about the role of international investment, its governance, and arbitration in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the wider UN development framework, particularly Financing for Development.

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