Lunch seminar with Federica Cristani

Designing a multi-actor governance system for investment protection in the Visegrád - Four (V4) countries withi(in) Europe 

The proposed research project investigates whether – and to what extent – a multi-actor governance system for investment protection can be designed in the sub-regional context of the Visegrád Four (V4) countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic) with(in) the European Union (EU) legal framework.

As framed by Brunnée and Toope, ‘law is not a product that is manufactured in centralised hierarchical systems […]. Citizens […] states and other actors at the international level are not consumers; they are active agents in the continuing enterprise of lawmaking’ [Jutta Brunnée and Stephen J Toope, Legitimacy and Legality in International Law: An Interactional Account (Cambridge University Press, 2010), 55]. This is also true when it comes to identify the different (non-state) actors involved in the international investment protection.

We can thus talk about a multi-actor setting, where each actor contributes in the investment protection regime in a different way. Such governance system is operating at the international but also at the regional level.

And what about the sub-regional context? This research claims that the sub-regional context can indeed be the privileged space to frame a multi-actor governance of investment protection in an efficient and functional way; and in the framework of the EU, the V4 countries represents the most interesting case.

During my research stay at iCourts, I am investigating in particular in the role of international investment arbitrators, the EU Court of Justice and national courts within the multi-actor governance system of investment protection at the EU level and in the V4 countries.

All interested are welcome to attend. Registration is not necessary.

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