CANCELLED EUPoLex Jean Monnet Seminar with Federica Cristani

This event has been cancelled!

The Role of Sub-Regional Systems in Shaping International Investment Law: The Case of the Visegrád Group within the European Union


"My research focuses on the role of the Visegrád group (or V4, comprising Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic) in international investment law. The presentation will give an overview of the V4 group as a sub-regional system in Europe, including its modus operandi and main achievements in the field of economic cooperation. The focus will be on the regulation of foreign direct investment (FDI), both at the level of each V4 state and at European Union (EU) level – with particular regard to the implication of the EU’s exclusive competence on FDI. A special attention of the research is devoted to the approach of the V4 countries to the question of termination of intra-EU bilateral investment treaties (BITs) – including an overview of the related objections to jurisdiction that the four countries have raised over the years in investor-states arbitrations based on intra-EU BITs – and to the relationship of the V4 group with non-EU countries – especially with (selected) East Asian countries.

 The main question is whether – and to what extent – the V4 as a sub-regional system has a role to play in international investment law-making. The research highlights the proactive and advocacy role that the V4 has traditionally had in manifold subject matters, including the promotion and protection of FDI, and supports the positive “soft power” the V4 may exercise in this respect at the EU and international level."

All interested are welcome to attend. Registration is not necessary.

Feel free to bring your own lunch bag.

This seminar is part of the "The Law & Politics of EU Integration" Talks Series organised by the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law & Politics and, hence, is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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