Breakfast briefing with Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

Deployment and Distress: Legal issues confronting Danish vessels in connection with search and rescue of migrant boats in the Mediterranean

Danish vessels – private and governmental – are repeatedly confronting situations involving migrants and refugees in distress at sea. This issue is moreover of key relevance in regard to the Danish contributions to EU’s common border operations in the Mediterranean, where Danish vessels operate in close cooperation with authorities from other Member States, EU’s border agency Frontex as well as third state authorities. This breakfast briefing will focus on the legal and political challenges arising in connection with Danish military vessels involved in search and rescue of migrants and refugees in distress at sea and the international legal framework governing such situations as a matter of the law of the sea, EU law and international human rights and refugee law.

About the speaker:

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen is professor with special responsibilities in migration and refugee law at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. He has worked extensively on European migration control and the legal issues arising in this connection from the interaction between different international legal regimes.

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