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iCourts is based at the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen. It is committed to providing a creative research community which studies the role and function of international courts in a changing global society.

iCourts at the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen

iCourts research is problem-driven and focuses on salient theoretical and practical issues of importance not only for an effective international judiciary but also for the development of democratic politics under contemporary globalization.

But above all, our goal is to enhance our knowledge of international courts through empirically based descriptive studies of their institutionalization, autonomization, and legitimacy.

PluriCourts is specilialized in normative studies of the legitimacy of international courts and tribunals (ICs) from legal, political science and philosophical perspectives.

To address these questions, PluriCourts focuses on five sectors of international law: Human Rights, Trade, Criminal Law, Investment, and Environment.