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The Power of International Courts

Since 2012 iCourts has focused on the empirical processes related to the creation of international courts. 2019 marks a new year for the Centre with a new research agenda that enlarges the perspective and asks the converse and more demanding question: what kind of world are these many courts helping to create? More specifically, what is the real power of international courts with regard to law, politics and society? And what are the consequences of international judicialisation for the contemporary world? This two-day conference that will take place on 20-21 May 2019 kicks off this new research agenda. By bringing together leading scholars in the field, the aim of the conference is to: 1) Develop novel conceptual and theoretical tools to explain the power of international courts; 2) Apply these new methods to assess the variable influence of international courts on law, society and politics; 3) And evaluate the effects of international judicialisation in the contemporary world and its broader implications for law, politics and society


The Power of International Courts (pdf)


For participation in the conference please use this registration form no later than 10 May 2019, 12:00.