Nordic Criminal Justice in a Global World

As criminal justice has become globalised over the past decades, the idea that Nordic criminal justice systems are exceptional has also proliferated. This exceptionalism – tied to perceptions of less punitive and more welfare oriented criminal justice systems – is supported and used by stakeholders both within and beyond the Nordics themselves. The conference will be the first to critically investigate how Nordic criminal justice systems have been built and promoted as exceptional. Bringing together experts on different elements of Nordic criminal justice systems, the conference zooms in on legal, political and professional ideas about Nordic criminal justice and on how such ideas have been used to promote particular perspectives on what criminal law ought to be and do.

To contribute the first systematic inquiry into Nordic Criminal Justice in a Global World, the conference is divided into two closely linked parts. The first part of the conference investigates the historical construction and contemporary reproduction of Nordic practices of criminal justice and how this has affected perceptions of exceptionalism and concrete cooperation within and outside the Nordics. The second part of the conference explores the promotion of Nordic criminal justice by stakeholders in the Nordic countries and abroad as well as the political, legal and social roots and implications of such promotional activities. The conference welcomes participants with an interest in criminal justice beyond borders, whether they be scholars, students or practitioners.  


Nordic Criminal Justice in a Global World: Practices and Promotion of Exceptionalism


For participation in the workshop please use this registration form no later than 11 January 2019, 12:00.