EUPoLex seminar with Vigjilenca Abazi

Trusting Legal Expertise? The effects of trust in the legal and judicial contestation


Hardly any policy can be conceived today without the involvement of experts, yet the role of expertise is increasingly contested, if not discounted, in public and political debates, even in the context of the most important national or European decisions. The paper addresses the issues arising from this trend by offering an understanding of the current role of legal expertise with the particular focus on the factors leading to its contestation in the European context. It critically examines this development and explores whether and what role trust may play in legal contestation, with special focus on the interaction between European and national legal and judicial actors (CJEU judges and legal staff, national judges and lawyers, EU legal officers from other EU and national institutions, etc.).

All interested are welcome to attend. Registration is not necessary.

Feel free to bring your own lunch bag.

This seminar is part of the activities organised by the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law & Politics and, hence, is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.