Photos from the Judicial Responses to the Migration Crisis

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Opening Remarks by Achilles Skordas

Achilles Skordas

Panos Koutrakos presenting on ‘Is the European Court of Justice a Realist Court?’.

Panos Koutrakos

Daniel Thym presenting on ‘The CJEU, Judicial Function and Asylum Policy at a Time of Discontent’.

Daniel Thym

Jukka Snell presenting on ‘Jafari – Law and Crises’.

Jukka Snell

Violeta Moreno-Lax presenting on ‘Towards a Hyper-Autonomous Model of EU Asylum Law Interpretation: The CEAS Case Law in the Post-Opinion 2/13 Landscape’.

Violeta Moreno-Lax

Graham Butler presenting on ‘The Slovakia/Hungary v. Council Case and the Principle of Solidarity’.

Graham Butler

Jens Vedsted-Hansen presenting on ‘The ECtHR – Mediating or Creating Regulatory Problems in the Migration Crisis?’.

Jens Vedsted-Hansen

Silvia Adamo presenting on ‘The Response of the Danish Courts to the Migration Crisis’.

Silvia Adamo