Video - Lecture by Samuel Moyn

In “Human Rights History after the Inequality Debate” Samuel Moyns presents the key arguments from his latest book, “Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World” (Harvard UP 2018). Tracing the history of the debate between those who argue that some minimal, “sufficient” provision for everybody is enough for a society to be fair, and those, who on the other hand contend that it matters a lot how far individuals are one from another in terms of their wealth – how “equal” they are, Moyn explores the link between the conception of a fair society and its underlying political economy. The lecture concludes: “Let’s keep human rights which are proven to be compatible with every political economy we know and invent a new political economy, in which human rights are preserved as part of a much fairer society than we see unfolding today”.

Samuel Moyn is professor of law and professor of history at Yale University. Besides the book presented in the lecture he authored numerous books dealing with intellectual history of human rights, most prominently “The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History” (Harvard UP 2010).

The lecture is part of the Lecture Series Rethinking Law, Democracy and Capitalism organized jointly by Jan Komárek (iCourts) and Niklas Olsen (CEMES).