Video - Lecture by Colin Crouch

In this lecture, “Reforming capitalism: from its neoliberal to its liberal form”, Colin Crouch considers what changes we need to introduce into our thinking about democratic institutions and economy, so that we obtain a truly liberal form of capitalism. In the lecture Colin Crouch suggests that social democracy is in fact the highest form of liberalism, with its emphasis on equality of opportunity, which must be actively promoted by the state, rather than simply assumed. Neoliberal capitalism cannot account for numerous externalities, social, and increasingly importantly, environmental. In Crouch’s view, the current problems are political, not intellectual. We know what to do, but have not found political means to realise that knowledge.

Colin Crouch is Professor Emeritus of the University of Warwick and elected fellow of the British Academy. Author of numerous books dealing with Capitalism and democracy, for example “Making Capitalism Fit for Society” (Polity 2013) and most recently “The Globalization Backlash” (Polity 2018).

The lecture is part of the Lecture Series Rethinking Law, Democracy and Capitalism organized jointly by Jan Komárek (iCourts) and Niklas Olsen (CEMES).