Photos from the Investment Courts Conference 2018

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Opening Speech by Mikael Rask Madsen.

Mikael Rask Madsen

Catharine Titi presenting on ‘Multiple Shades of Grey – Investment Dispute Settlement and Public International Courts’.

Catharine Titi

Martins Paparinskis presenting on ‘International Investment Courts: A Generalist International Law Perspective’.

Martins Paparinskis

Marc Bungenberg presenting on ‘Enforcement of Multilateral Investment Court-Decisions - Problems and First Possible Solutions’.

Marc Bungenberg

Maxim Usynin presenting ‘Starting With the End In Mind: The Enforceability of Decisions of the (Non-Existent) Investment Court’.

Maxim Usynin

Hannes Lenk presenting on ‘The Role of Perceptions for the Democratic of legitimacy of ISDS’.

Hannes Lenk

Panel on Policy Considerations with Taylor St. John, Nicolas Jansen Calamita, M. Sornarajah, and chair Freya Baetens.

Panel on Policy Considerations

Panel on Legal Reasoning, Argumentation, Precedent with Erman Ozgur, Wolfgang Alshcner, and chair Eleftheria Neframi.

Panel on Legal Reasoning, Argumentation, Precedent

Closing remarks by Joanna Jemielniak, Shai Dothan, and Günes Ünüvar.

Jemielniak, Shai Dothan, and Günes Ünüvar