Lunch seminar with Aysel Kucuksu

The Potential Role for the European Court of Justice in Framing the Principles of Distributive Global Justice

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) is rarely a focal point for discussion in matters of distributive justice within the European Union (EU) borders, let alone outside of them. Whether that is due to the lack of its perception as a political organ of the Union or the reluctance with which people accept that institutions lacking democratic legitimacy could be involved with questions of wealth redistribution, is unclear. Yet, the ECJ does play a role in framing the greater redistributive justice discourse of the EU and the gap in academic scholarship examining this involvement proves fertile ground for research. Bringing together legal, political, and philosophical works, this study aims to rationally reconstruct the implicit theory of distributive justice present in the discourse of the Court. In pursuit of its goal, it engages with the judgments of the Court and their wider political context, both before and after their delivery. It also presents existing theories of justice in order to trace a potential overlap with the one supported by the Court.

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