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13 November 2017

Communicating the research behind “FIRE Journal” around the globe

Student-driven research is the new thing at the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen. The Research Group for Law Teaching and Learning and the Fiscal Relations Research Group co-created a course that scaffolds student-driven research for the brand-new ‘UCPH Fiscal Relations Law Journal (FIRE Journal)’.

Several members of the project presented the course design for a nation-wide audience at the annual conference of the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education held in Vejle, Denmark, in May.

In October, Werner Schäfke convened a workshop together with Ian Drake (Montclair State University) at the annual conference of the Association for Interdisciplinary held in Baltimore. Participants were invited to work on own designs for learning environments that facilitate students in carrying out own interdisciplinary research projects, using the research group’s course design as a case.

In December, Bente Kristiansen will travel to Sydney to give a paper on the course design and first results of our research on student learning in the course at the conference ‘Research in Legal Education: State of the Art?’.

Following up on this presentation, Werner Schäfke will in January next year present further results at the international conference ‘Teaching for learning – the university perspective’ held in Tartu to.