This page presents the law in force at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic (the date of the highest number of daily cases in each country according to Johns Hopkins University as of June). Legal restrictions on free movement are recorded. While not all restrictions are captured, we have sought to present those that go to the core of the right.

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The date of the highest number of daily cases in each country according to Johns Hopkins University

10 April 2020: 1500

COVID-19 related border restrictions

Generally same regulation as before, with COVID-19 related exceptions/specifications

Quarantine/self-isolation on arrival

All incoming travellers, with exceptions

14 days mandatory

Restrictions on internal free movement

Must stay at home, but with exceptions for necessary purposes such as grocery shopping, medical help etc

Only travel within a specified area (such as municipality of residence), with exceptions

Restrictions on outdoor gatherings

Only together with household, with exceptions

Sanctions for breaching restrictions on free movement?


More information

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