Legislating Corona: Proportionality, Non-Discrimination and Transparency (PRONTO)

PRONTO seeks to contribute to Danish and European legal responses to COVID-19 by mapping and evaluating legislation, while making rapid recommendations for legislative amendments. The project will zero in on restrictions on movement and surveillance measures adopted in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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  1. What legal measures have European states taken to limit movement and surveil citizens to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

    The project will map COVID-related restrictions in 27 EU Member States + Britain, with a focus on measures that limit individual liberty and mandate government surveillance.

    The following limitations on movement will be compared: COVID-related border restrictions, the requirement of quarantine or self isolation, restrictions on internal movement, restrictions on outdoor gatherings, visiting persons in institutional care, and whether breaching these restrictions is underwritten by criminal sanction.

    Furthermore, the project will map government backed efforts to monitor residents’ movements through mobile apps.

  2. To what extent are a selection of measures compatible with proportionality, transparency and non-discrimination?

    A selection of measures will be evaluated for compliance with human rights, EU privacy law and international health law. The project focuses on Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom – countries linked by a fluid border that are now adopting disparate measures.

    Measures adopted in these case study countries will be evaluated with focus on the principles of proportionality, transparency and non-discrimination.


























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Ó Cathaoir, Katharina Associate Professor Billede af Ó Cathaoir, Katharina


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Legislating Corona: Proportionality, Non-Discrimination and Transparency (PRONTO) has received a one year funding from Independent Research Fund Denmark

Project: Legislating Corona: Proportionality, Non-Discrimination and Transparency (PRONTO)
(Grant number: 0213-00025B)

Period: May 2020- 30 April 2021


Katharina Ó CathaoirPI Assistant professor
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