International Tax Reforms - A Nordic Perspective


Tax law is changing rapidly with international reforms from the OECD and the EU shaping the domestic legislation of the member states. When implementing the new standards, ensuring the domestic tax systems and the rights of the taxpayers is key. 

This conference sheds light on how best to do that with inspiration from the Nordic countries with a list of prominent speakers: 

  • Nina Olson, Executive Director of the Center for Taxpayer Rights, Harvard Kennedy School 
  • Niels Fenger, The Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman
  • Stine Andersen & Line Kjær, Founding Partner and Co-founding Partner, KPMG Law Advokatfirma 
  • Ingrid Birgitte Lund, Senior Tax Advisor and Ph.D fellow, Norwegian Tax Administration
  • Johanna Waal, Tax Director, Finnish Tax Administration 
  • Cristina Trenta, Associate Professor of Law, Örebro University

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