Images in Social Media: Categorization and Organization of Images and Their Collections

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This book focuses on methodologies, organization and communication of digital image collection research that utilize social media content. (“Image” is here understood as cultural, conventional and commercial - stock photos - representations.) The lecture offer expert views that provide different interpretations of images and their potential implementations. Linguistic and semiotic methodologies as well as eye-tracking research are employed to both analyze images and comprehend how humans consider them, including which salient features generally attract viewer’s attention.
This literary review covers image – specifically photographic - research since 2005, when major social media platforms emerged. A citation analysis includes an overview of co-citation maps that demonstrating the nexus of image research literature and the journals in which they appear. Eye-tracking test whether scholarly templates focus on the proper features of an image such as persons, object, time etc., and if a prescribed theme affects the eye movements of the observers. The results may point to renewed requirements for building image search engines. As it stands, image management already requires new algorithms and a new understanding that involves text recognition and very large database processing.
The aim of this book is to present different image research areas and demonstrate the challenges image research faces. The book’s scope is by necessity far from being comprehensive, since the field of digital images does not cover fake news, image manipulation, mobile photos etc. these issues are very complex and need a publication of their own. This book should primarily be useful for students in library and information science, psychology, and computer science.
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Place of PublicationUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
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Number of pages120
ISBN (Print)9781681730790, 9781681732770
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Publication statusPublished - 8 Feb 2018
SeriesSynthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services

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