30 September 2015: 10 years after the Danish Muhammad cartoons controversy

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Today, 30 September 2015, we observe the 10 year anniversary of the publications of 12 editorial cartoons in Jyllands-Posten. The cartoons were originally commissioned as an attempt to contribute to the debate about legitimate criticism of Islam, freedom of speech and self-censorship. Today, the debate continues in Denmark and it focuses on three things; firstly, what is the state of freedom of expression today in Denmark especially when it comes to religion, and in relation, secondly, should editors re-run the cartoons on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary, and thirdly should teachers in primary and secondary schools show and teach the cartoons as part of recent Danish history?
Translated title of the contribution30. september 2015 - 10 år efter Muhammedkrisen
Original languageEnglish
Publication date30 Sep 2015
Publication statusPublished - 30 Sep 2015

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