31 July 2019

Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading in China - Call for Papers

The Faculty of Law (CILCC and iCourts) and the Carbon and Climate Law Review welcome abstract proposals for a Special Issue on Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Trading in China (2/2020).

The issue will be jointly edited by Beatriz Martinez Romera, Wen Xiang, and Michael Mehling, who invite submissions of abstracts (max. 500 words) dealing with specific questions related to the overall theme of the issue. The deadline for the submission of paper abstracts is 15 August 2019. Abstracts should be sent to beatriz.martinez.romera@jur.ku.dk.

This CCLR special issue aims to contribute to the literature on, and the development of, the emerging national Chinese ETS by providing a comprehensive analysis of relevant law and policy issues. In particular, articles in this special issue should delve into legal frameworks and regulatory principles for operationalizing different aspects of the Chinese ETS, explore the role and situation of the ETS in the broader Chinese legal system, and identify law and policy challenges as well as opportunities for their solution. Among other issues, these include questions related to enhancing carbon market infrastructure and institutional design in China, refining Chinese ETS laws and regulations, fostering coherence with other Chinese policies and laws, and defining the relationship of the Chinese ETS with other environmental markets in China and abroad.

See call for papers for more information here (pdf)