22 November 2018

Law researcher receives award for strengthening Danish business

Sebastian Felix Schwemer is 3rd from the right in the photo

Industrial postdoc Sebastian Felix Schwemer receives the Tietgen Award, which is one of the biggest awards for younger researchers in the Nordic region. The Tietgen Award honours researchers who create value for business.

Sebastian Felix Schwemer, industrial postdoc at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, has received the Tietgen Award of 500,000 DKK. He shares the award with Mette Trier Damgaard, assistant professor at the Department of Economics, Aarhus University.

Sebastian Schwemer receives the award for his PhD research, where he focused on the necessary harmonisation of EU legislation to ensure the continued competitiveness of European businesses in the digital field. The award committee behind the Tietgen Award praised Sebastian Schwemer for his research and for the cooperation with, for example, actors in the Danish business community and public sector. The award committee was also impressed by his involvement in the IT and entrepreneurial environment, where he is, among other things, one of the initiators of an entrepreneurial community and a technology festival.

Today, Sebastian Schwemer is an industrial postdoc and he continues to be engaged in the importance of digitalisation for law. In his current research project, supported by the Innovation Fund and in collaboration with the Danish Internet Forum (DIFO), Sebastian Schwemer focuses on how (illegal) content on the internet is regulated and the role various actors, e.g. domain administrators, play in relation to preventing crime. Here, there is an area where private actors are encouraged to decide for themselves how the content is enforced. This leads to a complex interplay between regulation and self-regulation.

Schwemer received the Tietgen Award from the Chairman of the Tietgen Award committee, Professor Peter Møllgaard, at the annual dinner for the Danish Society for Education and Business (DSEB) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Denmark on 21 November. Peter Møllgaard had the following to say at the ceremony: 

"Both award winners contribute strong and relevant research that they publish well. On the award committee, we are particularly impressed by how Mette and Sebastian have both managed to deliver a significant involvement outside the academic environment and cooperate with public institutions, Danish companies and our educational institutions".

About the Tietgen Award

The Tietgen Award has been granted since 1929, when it was created to mark the 100 year anniversary of C.F. Tietgen’s birth. The award is one of the most prestigious Danish honours granted to younger researchers in Northern Europe. The award has been granted to great talents and personalities over the years . It rewards young research talents in the field of business orientated social sciences and humanities that have achieved exceptional results on the international stage. 

Former recipients of the Tietgen Award:

  • 2017: Associate Professor Charlotte Christiansen:
  • 2016: Associate Professor Marcus Møller Larsen
  • 2015: Associate Professor Ole Helby Petersen
  • 2014: Associate Professor Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
  • 2013: Assistant Professor Mads Daubjerg, Assistant Professor Ulf Nielson
  • 2012: Cand. merc. Alexander P. Josiassen, Postdoc Niels Johannesen