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02 March 2015

Development Law, Corruption & Terrorism

Professor Morten Broberg and Professor Jørn Vestergaard have contributed to a volume on Development Law issued in Scandinavian Studies in Law, Vol. 60, 2015.

Professor Morten Broberg focuses on the problem of corruption in Development Assistance programmes, diagnosing it as a malaise that seriously undermines the success of such programmes and, more generally, the confidence in development aid. He examines the efforts by the European Union to build up effective government mechanisms for fighting corruption within the Union’s own massive funding projects.

Professor Jørn Vestergaard addresses the complex interplay between national and international law. In his article, he demonstrates how anti-terrorism legislation in Denmark, often transposing verbatim provisions of international and EU-law, has spillover effects to other areas of national criminal law, causing some unintended and undesirable consequences regarding rule of law and due process.

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