Prestigious Research Subsidy from the European Commission to the Faculty – University of Copenhagen

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20 June 2013

Prestigious Research Subsidy from the European Commission to the Faculty

Union citizenship

Professor Ulla Neergaard has successfully attracted one of the prestigious FP7-grants on Union citizenship.

This large scale research project over 4 years concerns Union citizenship and also involves Associate professor, Catherine Jacqueson. 2013 is the European year of the citizen. This year revolves around the rights of 500 million EU citizens and how these European citizens can more effectively understand and make use of their rights. The year 2013 is also the year in which Utrecht University together with 25 partners including the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, at the behest of the European Commission, has been given the green light for a large-scale research into European citizenship. As a reward, Professor Ulla Neergaard received a bonus of DKK 500,000 from the University.

‘All Rights Reserved? Barriers towards EUropean CITIZENship (acronym bEUcitizen)’ is the title of this European research endeavour. It is directed towards obstacles that EU citizens encounter in the exercise of their rights and obligations. What are the reasons for these impediments, what are the possibilities for the European Union to further develop the notion of European citizenship in the future? The research aims to gain an insight into the obstacles faced by European citizens when they exercise their rights and obligations, into the possible contradictions between economic, social, political and civil citizenship rights and into the conceptualization thereof at the European and national level. This challenge requires a multidisciplinary approach and international comparative research.

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