8 May 2018

Become a member of UCPH’s Teacher Network for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in teaching

The Teacher Network facilitates the exchange of experiences with incorporating I&E in teaching, and helps to create a framework for implementation and further development of I&E elements and models for teaching.

The Teacher Network is continuously holding events based on the suggestions of the network’s members.

Inquiries regarding the Teacher Network can be addressed to associate professor Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard karina.egholm.elgaard@jur.ku.dk, assistant professor Werner Schäfke werner.schaefke@jur.ku.dk, or special consultant Therese Hyll Bruun thla@adm.ku.dk.

You can join the mailing list of the Teacher Network by writing an e-mail to Therese Hyll Bruun thla@adm.ku.dk.