Research Group on Law Teaching and Learning

The research group addresses interdisciplinary issues related to legal education and the legal labor market, including the competencies demanded in practice. The research group contributes to the development of legal education and its didactics.

The researched issues cut across several research areas:

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and Learning Theory
  • Sociology of knowledge
  • Sociology of the legal profession
  • Linguistics, and
  • Science studies.

The group supports the ongoing research at the faculty in these areas and disseminates this research-based knowledge through publications, workshops, and continuing education programs for both members of faculty as well as external instructors in Denmark and abroad.








Name Title Image
Adrian, Lin Associate professor Billede af Adrian, Lin
Andhov, Alexandra Assistant professor Billede af Andhov, Alexandra
Andhov, Marta Associate professor Billede af Andhov, Marta
Asmussen, Ida Helene Associate professor Billede af Asmussen, Ida Helene
Elgaard, Karina Kim Egholm Associate professor Billede af Elgaard, Karina Kim Egholm
Holtermann, Jakob v. H. Associate professor Billede af Holtermann, Jakob v. H.
Johansen, Louise Victoria Associate professor Billede af Johansen, Louise Victoria
Kjær, Anne Lise Associate professor Billede af Kjær, Anne Lise
Mayoral Diaz-Asensio, Juan Antonio Associate professor Billede af Mayoral Diaz-Asensio, Juan Antonio
Panagis, Ioannis Data specialist Billede af Panagis, Ioannis
Schäfke-Zell, Werner Assistant professor Billede af Schäfke-Zell, Werner
Wested, Jakob Postdoc Billede af Wested, Jakob

External members