13 January 2021

Would you like to do research in “Food Waste Taxation”?

We are looking for curious and motivated bachelor and master students who would like to take part in a multi- and interdisciplinary student-driven research project about sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the spring of 2021. The theme of the project is "Food Waste Taxation" and the project is open for students from the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark. The academic field of the theme “Food Waste Taxation” provides various opportunities for the students to work with the project from various perspectives, dependent on the students’ interests. Such aspects would be e.g. tax law incentives and challenges within taxation of foods and food waste, food and health regulation, human and fundamental rights, behavioral economic studies within food waste, nudging etc. There are many possibilities!  

Thewhich is conducted in collaboration which is conducted in collaboration conducted in collaborationTHe The research project is conducted in collaboration with other students across academic fields and disciplines and in close dialogue with researchers and external collaborators from the industry. The project will take place as one large study group with a main theme from which the students will choose their subgroups/sub-themes in accordance with the students' interests. It is possible for the students to get ECTS-points from the participation in the project. The students’ findings of the projects can be communicated in an optional way e.g. through a podcast episode, a blog post, a feature article, a debate piece, an article, an academic report, a co-publication in a booklet, a presentation at a seminar, a start-up/business case etc. The options can be limited for students who get ECTS credits from their participation.

The project is conducted in collaboration with the Greenhouse for Tax Sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Human & Legal Innovation Hub, The University of Copenhagen.    

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The research team, consisting of:

Associate professor Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard, FIRE – Fiscal Relations Research Group, The Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Assistant professor Christina Gravert, Department of Economics, The Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Project student Monica Sarah Brink, FIRE – Fiscal Relations Research Group, The Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen