Course registration

Before registering for courses please study carefully the guidance given under "Before you choose courses".

When to register for courses

You can register for courses in the registration period and in the post registration period. Please be aware that the course selection will be very limited during the latter as the majority of courses are filled in ordinary course registration periods in June and November.

Registering for classes in the autumn/study start in Sep.

  • The registration period is from 1 June (10:00 a.m. Danish time) to 14 June.
  • The post registration period varies a bit every year but will be scheduled for a 2-week period ending 3 working days before the start of the autumn semester.

Registering for classes in the spring/study start in Feb.

  • The registration period is from 15 November (10:00 a.m .Danish time) to 1 Dec.
  • The post registration period varies a bit every year but will be scheduled for a 2-week period ending 3 working days before the start of the spring semester.

The course registration form will be accessible in the registration period.

How to register for law courses

If possible, please state the 10-digit number you received in your Letter of Admission from the International Education and Grants Office in Copenhagen (as initial log in for the intranet of the University of Copenhagen).

1) Fill in the Course Registration Form – Master Level Law Courses (for exchange and LLM students). You must only list master level courses. The application form is accessible:

From 1 - 14 June for courses starting in September (autumn semester).

From 15 November - 1 December for courses starting in February (spring semester).

2) Indicate 2 or 3 law course choices and 2 additional course choices (in case your first priority courses become full or unavailable).

3) Registering for 0 ECTS courses: When you register for ordinary law courses you can register for courses with 0 ECTS-value in the same form.

It is not important whether you fill in your course registration form as person no. 1 or person no. 100; course registration is not at first come, first serve basis. All students will have the same chances when the places are filled for each course - provided you keep the deadline.

Swapping classes/Post registration period

If you forgot to register in the above-mentioned course registration period in June or November or you need to make a course swap you can send an e-mail to within the post registration period (registration forms are not used). Please notice that emails with new course registration requests will not be processed outside the Post registration period.

Within the post registration period, all requests received before 14:00 every day will, if possible, receive a reply before 14:00 the following work day. It will be a good idea to include several alternative course choices as many courses will already be full.

It is your own responsibility to check if your courses clash and send requests (email is fine), so that we can assist you with necessary changes, before the final deadline below. Also do check that your home university can approve of your course choices and the number of courses you plan to take before the final deadline for course registration on 31 August, 2022. See below the exact dates for the post registration periods for 2022-23:

  • 18 - 31 August, 2022 for the autumn semester with study start in September.
  • 18. - 31 January 2023 for the spring semester with study start in February.

Administrative processing of your course registration form

As a starting point you will be registered for a course according to the course priorities you have chosen. We will accommodate as many first priorities as possible, then second and finally third priorities.

We may, however, experience that some law courses become full or otherwise unavailable (it will not be possible for you to see this when you state your course choices in the course registration form). Be aware that we sometimes experience some very late course cancellations due to very few course registrations in a specific course or due to problems on behalf of a lecturer. There is also a limit to the number of students in each class, and if a class is full you will if possible be entered into your next alternative course choice.

See the final course registration

Course registration forms are being processed for several weeks after the end of the course registration period. Within this period you may be able to retrieve preliminary course registrations but please be aware that they may not be reliable or definite before 8 August 2022 (for the autumn semester) and 9 January 2023 (for the spring semester). By following the guidance below you will be able to retrieve your own course registrations in KUnet:

• Log in to KUnet and select “Self Service”.
• Select “Enrolment, courses and exams”
• At the login page, click the British flag to choose the English language login
• Log in using your KU-user name and password (just as when you log in to KUnet).
• Select “Courses” → “Registrations and Cancellations”.
• Select “+” next to:

  • “Efterårssemesteret 2022 (autumn term 2022) and corresponding custom periods”.
  • “Forårssemesteret 2023 (spring term 2023) and corresponding custom periods”.