Morning briefing on the Digital Markets Act

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On 2 May 2023, the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a novel EU regulation that aims to ensure fair and contestable markets in the digital sector, became applicable. The DMA is designed to target “gatekeepers”, i.e. the largest digital platforms that act as gateway between business users and consumers. Gatekeepers are identified based on a set of objective criteria and will need to comply with a list of prohibitions and obligations largely inspired by the EU Commission’s past and current competition cases. In doing so, the DMA complements competition law and marks a new era for online platform regulation in the EU.

Elisa Faustinelli will examine the main content of the DMA, its legislative history and current implementation status.

About the speaker

Elisa Faustinelli is currently Special Advisor at the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Elisa’s work focuses on digital platforms both in relation to competition law enforcement and competition policy. In this context, she has been involved in the negotiations of the EU’s Digital Markets Act as expert for the Danish Government.

Elisa holds a Ph.D. in EU competition law from the University of Copenhagen and a LL.M. in EU Competition Law and Regulation from the University of Amsterdam.

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