Market definitions in two-sided markets

The matter of digital platforms and their treatment in competition law have attracted much attention. Not only through investigations into Google, Facebook and Amazon, but also with the issuing of several reports. The antitrust debate surrounding digital platforms is huge and encompasses polarized discussions on e.g. killer acquisitions, algorithm collusions, and the role of Big Data for market power. Some even refer to gaps when it comes to regulating platforms adequately. However, more practical, and somewhat overlooked, is the need for a solid definition of multi-sided platforms, allowing for their identification in the first place, which is a matter with direct legal implications for the enforcement of competition law.

The lecture will be in English and will have two presentations.

  • Elisa Maria Faustinelli holds a ph.d. in law and is working as head of section with the Danish Competition and Consumer Agency. Elisa will present highlight from her research as summarized in the attached paper

  • John M. Yun holds a ph.d. in economics and is an Associate Professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University; Director of Economic Education at the Global Antitrust Institute; and a former Acting Deputy Assistant Director at the U.S. FTC's Bureau of Economics.

A link to join the lecture will be provided when you register. Deadline for registration 5 July 2020, 12:00 .