Introduction to Legal Tech

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Course description

The legal profession is changing at a pace never experienced before. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the industry’s digitisation path, and legal tech has become part of the language. Law firms and their clients are demanding more innovation; many have introduced new legal tech strategies or innovation departments to improve efficiency and lower their costs.

This course offers an insight into the most recent innovative solutions to problems at the intersection of law, business and technology. It helps you understand what legal tech is and how a lawyer, a small or medium-size law firm can use innovation, technology and project management to improve its processes.

The course will take place in English. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what Legal Tech is

  • Understand what is happening in the legal market today

  • Discover the state of the art of Legal Tech

  • Discover how to decide which Legal Tech is right for you.


Assistant Professor Alexandra Andhov
Assistant Professor Alexandra Andhov - Read about the teacher

Target group

Lawyers and law companies.

The course is an online course. Participants will receive a link before the course.

The final program and course materials will be available a week before the course is held.


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