Terrorism, Crime, Culture

Time:  5-6 October 2017, 09:30-16:00

Place: Nikolaj Kunsthal  Upper Gallery, 2nd Floor Nikolaj Plads 10 1067 Copenhagen K  Denmark.

Conference Theme:

Traditionally, the majority of academic research on terrorism has tended to focus on ‘big picture’ issues such as ideology, geo-politics, or national security. However, ongoing changes to the organisational and relational nature of terrorist activity has resulted in a much greater emphasis now being placed on more localised, cultural and situational factors. Likewise, recent work on ‘Jihadi cool’ and ‘radical hybrid street culture’ suggests the global Jihadist project is now spawning local, subcultural forms. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this conference will draw together leading figures working on the terrorism-crime-culture nexus in a stimulating forum for research and reflection on this most important of subjects.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Scott Atran (University of Oxford, author of Talking to the Enemy: Violent Extremism and What it Means to be Human)
  • Thomas Hegghammer (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, editor of Jihadi Culture: The Art and Social Practices of Militant Islamists)
  • Mark Hamm (Indiana State University, author of The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism and Terrorism as Crime)
  • Jakob Sheikh (Danish Ministry of Justice, author of Danmark’s Børn I Hellig Krig)
  • Harmonie Toros (University of Kent, author of Terrorism, Talking and Transformation)
  • Rik Coolsaet (Ghent University, author of All Radicalisation is Local)
  • Pieter Van Ostaeyen (University of Leuven, author of State of Terror: The Jihadi Revolution)
  • Sveinung Sandberg (University of Oslo, author of Street Capital)
  • Simon Cottee (University of Kent, author of The Apostates)
  • Anja Kublitz (Aalborg University)
  • David Canter (Huddersfield University, UK)
  • Donna Youngs (Huddersfield University, UK)

Call for papers:

Alongside a general call for papers, we particularly invite contributions addressed to the following themes:

  • The underexplored cultural architecture of radical Jihad;
  • The subcultural or post-subcultural analysis of terrorist cells/groups;
  • The growth of right-wing terrorism in Europe and elsewhere;
  • Prisoner radicalisation;
  • Visual and symbolic motifs in terrorist propaganda;
  • The ways of the ‘Jihadi Badass’.

The deadline for abstracts is 15 August 2017.


The aim of the event is to encourage intense and focused discussion on key issues. Consequently, the conference will take place in a single room, with no parallel sessions, and each paper responded to by at least one discussant. Spaces for this conference are thus limited due to the ‘one room’ format of the event.

The conference is only open to academics and practitioners, but registration is necessary. Please register using this registration form.

Registration deadline is 22 September 2017 12:00.

All inquiries should be addressed to Professor Keith Hayward at keith.hayward@jur.ku.dk