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About the Conference 

The language of the conference will be entirely in English.

Conference format
Panels concentrated on particular research areas consisting of four presenters per panel, with numerous panels occurring simultaneously, over three different periods throughout each of the two days. Each speaker shall have 12 minutes to present their work, followed by another 12 minutes of comments, questions and suggestions.

The panels will be chaired by a PhD Fellow from the Faculty of Law and will have a Professor from the University acting as a discussant at each session to be able to provide invaluable feedback for presenters, before opening the floor to other participants.

PowerPoint slides will be permitted, and should be 1) emailed to the committee two days before the conference, 2) stored online through Dropbox, Google Drive, or your email address, and 3) brought to the conference on a USB key. In order to ensure the conference runs smoothly, we have asked each speaker submit either a paper, PowerPoint slides, or some alternative form of demonstrating their readiness to us via email no later than Sunday 25 January 2014.

Outside of the regular panels, there will be an introduction on the first day by a member of the Organising Committee, the Head of the PhD Programme, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and an address from a judge of the European Court of Human Rights – the keynote speaker. This will be in addition to an evening drinks reception at the end of the first day and a workshop on professional development for PhD students.