15 January 2018

Anita Rønne publishes A treatise for energy law in World Energy Law & Business

Anita Rønne publishes the article “A treatise for energy law” together with Raphael J Heffron (Professor at Queen Mary University of London), Joseph P Tomain (Professor at the University of Cincinnati), Adrian Bradbrook (Emeritus Professor at the University of Adelaide) and Kim Talus (professor at the University of Eastern Finland) in Journal of World Energy Law & Business (Oxford University Press).

The article focuses on what constitutes energy law to advance a set of core principles that guide energy law - in essence a treatise for energy law.

Major developments have taken place, largely because of privatization and liberalization of energy markets across the globe, the ongoing ‘energy transition’ primarily related to climate change considerations, and the internationalization of and changes in energy markets,  have implied that energy law as a legal discipline has grown and matured.

 The authors advocate for a set of seven guiding principles to set out a new path for the study of energy law and to change what constitutes energy law as globally society moves towards a transition to low-carbon economies.