Clima Lunch Seminar with Arman Sarvarian

Lunch seminar

Title: The International Carbon Crediting Mechanism under the Paris Agreement

About the Seminar
Following the Meeting of the Parties in December 2023, the Supervisory Body for the planned carbon crediting mechanism under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement continues work on developing methodologies for carbon removals (‘carbon capture and storage’) and accreditation of national bodies to verify mitigation projects. Anticipating a decision to activate the mechanism at the next Meeting of the Parties in Baku, this article examines legal questions that have yet to arise with respect to the relationship between the mechanism and other carbon crediting markets for the nationally determined contributions of Contracting Parties. These include the CORSIA scheme for international aviation, the REDD+ scheme for forestry, national compliance markets and private-sector voluntary markets. The article also addresses the implications of the activation of the mechanism for the status of green investments in international investment law, including the definition of an ‘investment’ and the application of a market approach for the valuation of damages.

About the speaker
Arman Sarvarian is Reader in Public International Law at the University of Surrey. A generalist, he has researched and published on a wide variety of topics in the field, including the procedural law of international courts and tribunals, the law of State responsibility, the law on the use of force and foreign investment law. He serves as delegate and external legal adviser to the Republic of Armenia at the Legal Committee of the UN General Assembly and Working Group III (Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform) of the UN Commission on International Trade Law. His second monograph entitled The Law of State Succession: Principles and Practice is due to be published by Oxford University Press in 2024.

Venue: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law,  JUR-JUSTITIA, 2nd floor, room 7A-2-04 South Campus, Njalsgade 76, DK-2300 Copenhagen S and online on Zoom (link will be provided after registration).

Time: 12:00-13:00

Registration: For participation in the event please use this registration form no later than 30 April 2024 12:00.