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Research-based education

Developing cutting edge teaching methodologies is central in the center. This has been important to all center members in the past and several are engaged in the Faculty’s Research Group on Law Teaching and Learning. Members of the center cover a variety of areas that are taught at the Faculty of Law. Its members teach at the bachelor level, both master level programs and the two executive programs.

At the bachelor level, members teach legal history, family law and law of wills and succession, law and humanities, and philosophy of legal science.

At the master's level, members teach courses in the Master in Law program as well as the Master of Science (MSc) in Social Sciences in Law (legal master for students who have a BA in other subjects than law). Examples of research based teaching are classes like philosophy of science, communication and rhetoric in an interdisciplinary context, crime prevention, mediation, law and literature, specialized family law, law and humanities, anthropology of law, and an international IARU (International Association of Research Universities) course on cultural rights.

At the executive level, members teach criminology and mediation in the Diploma in Criminology and Master in Mediation and Conflict Resolution program – two-year part-time programs for professionals.

CIS-members also contribute to PhD-courses.

In addition to teaching, members are head of subjects in legal history, family law and law of wills and succession, philosophy of science, crime prevention, and anthropology of law, and head of programs (Master of Science (MSc) in Social Sciences in Law, Diploma in Criminology, Master in Mediation and Conflict resolution).

Associate professor, Ida Helene Asmussen ( is education programme coordinator for CIS