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Ongoing projects

An important part of research activities in CIS are organized around collaborative projects that involve members of the center as well as partners outside the center. Members of CIS are currently involved in a number of large interdisciplinary research projects, most of which are externally funded:


The Danish National Research Foundation Centre for Privacy Studies (PRIVACY) was established in September 2017 through a grant of 50 Mil. DKK from the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF). The center will be hosted by the Faculty of Theology, and Helle Vogt and three PhDs and post docs will be members of the Center as well as of CIS. The PRIVACY research team will examine how notions of privacy shape relations between individuals and society across diverse historical contexts. PRIVACY focuses on the period 1500–1800 that sees critical changes in individuals’ relationship to society. It brings together the fields of Church History, History of Architecture, Legal History and History of Ideas. The aim of PRIVACY is to systematize historical knowledge of dynamics that shape, induce or curb privacy in society; create an interdisciplinary method equipped to grasp such dynamics, and a strong and vibrant international research environment dedicated to high-profile historical research and equipped to incite a much broader investigation of privacy. This project addresses the center’s focus area of Culture, Concepts, and Values and the focus area of People and Institutions.

Victims and the legal system

Aided by a grant of 4.7 Mil. DKK by the Council of the Danish Victims’ Fund, Lars Holmberg, Lin Adrian, Louise Victoria Johansen and Ida Helene Asmussen investigate victims’ perceptions of the judicial process. In the project, victims’ experiences and the perspective of institutional actors are combined and examined through observations and interviews. The objective is to bridge a gap in international victimology research, to enhance our knowledge regarding victims in the judicial system, and to create an informed basis for improvements in legislation and legal processes. This project particularly addresses the center’s focus area of People and Institutions.

Law and Humanities

Helle Porsdam’s Professorship in Law and Humanities is partly funded by the Augustinus Foundation. The idea is to further the study of law as it overlaps with the humanities. Concretely, this means focusing on two topics: 1) cultural (heritage) law - the legal-cultural issues involved in the preservation, conservation, exhibition and digitization of cultural/natural heritage; and 2) cultural rights - that part of human rights which concerns cultural issues.

A new lecture series is currently being set up as part of the UNESCO Chair and will be open to the general public: The KU UNESCO public lecture series on science, society and politics.

Family law during 100 years - a Nordic perspective

Participants in this project are Ingrid Lund-Andersen and Family law professors from all the Nordic countries. Around 1920, new family law rules were introduced in the Nordic countries based on the woman's equality with her husband and the autonomy of the spouses. The new rules were the result of extensive Nordic cooperation. The aim of the project is to highlight the historical development in Family law and to put it in perspective in relation to the social, cultural and political development. This project addresses the center’s focus area of Culture, Concepts, and Values and the focus area of People and Institutions.

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