05 April 2019

Lunch seminar on Material and Senory Courtrooms with Susanne Verheul

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law (CIS), Copenhagen University’s Centre of African Studies (CAS) and The Centre for International Courts (iCourts) held a collabortative seminar the 5th. of April 2019 on how multiple and competing understandings of law and the state are constructed through the physical and symbolic orderings of courtrooms.
Susanne Verheul was invited to speak under the title of “Material and Sensory Courtrooms: Performing the ‘Decline of Professionalism’ in Harare’s Magistrates’ Courts”.

Susanne Verheul is a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow in the Department of International Development, University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Her work in southern Africa, and in Zimbabwe particularly, has examined the place of law in processes of state-making and negotiations over social and political belonging. Her current research focuses on histories of professionalism within a seemingly politicised and polarised judiciary. She has published in leading African Studies journals, and is currently working on a book that explores the relationship between law and state authority in Zimbabwe after 2000, through courtroom performances within political trials. She holds a DPhil and MPhil in International Development from the University of Oxford, and has taught at Oxford and at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.