12 September 2018

New centre at the Faculty from August 1, 2018

CIS is an interdisciplinary centre with researchers from very diverse disciplines such as law, criminology, history, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and cultural studies.

While researchers affiliated with CIS thus represent dogmatic legal studies as well as different ‘law-and…’ disciplines, the very essence of the center is to transgress the limitations that a commitment to one of those disciplines would entail.  In this context, we define interdisciplinary research as approaches integrating data, perspectives, concepts and theories from two or more disciplines in order to solve problems that lie beyond the perspectives of a single discipline.

Members of CIS are currently involved in a number of interdisciplinary research projects, most of which are externally funded.

CIS has a collective management consisting of Louise Victoria Johansen (head of centre), Ingrid Lund-Andersen and Lars Holmberg.

You can read more about the centre here https://jura.ku.dk/cis/