Staff at CILG - Centre for International Law and Governance

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Cullen, Miriam Assistant professor Assistant Professor in climate and migration law. Billede af Cullen, Miriam
Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella Student Billede af Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella
Hayward, Keith John Professor Professor of Criminology Billede af Hayward, Keith John
Hoesli, Andreas PhD Fellow, guest Billede af Hoesli, Andreas
Jørgensen, Kathrine Elmose PhD student Billede af Jørgensen, Kathrine Elmose
Lauta, Kristian Cedervall Associate Dean for Education Professor in Disaster Law Billede af Lauta, Kristian Cedervall
Lev, Amnon Associate professor, head of centre Billede af Lev, Amnon
Martinez Romera, Beatriz Associate professor Environmental law and climate change Billede af Martinez Romera, Beatriz
Monti, Alessandro Guest researcher Billede af Monti, Alessandro
Nordlander, Linnéa Research assistant Billede af Nordlander, Linnéa
Nyborg, Annemette Fallentin PhD student Billede af Nyborg, Annemette Fallentin
Rytter, Jens Elo Professor Human Rights, Constitutional Law Billede af Rytter, Jens Elo
Thranov, Asbjørn PhD student Billede af Thranov, Asbjørn
Valkanou, Theodora PhD student Billede af Valkanou, Theodora
Vestergaard, Jørn Professor emeritus Criminal law, international criminal law and procedure, EU criminal law Billede af Vestergaard, Jørn