Den Grønne Jurists Hjørne

’Den Grønne Jurists Hjørne’ is a platform that aims at bridging the gap between students and professionals, researchers and practitioners working with climate, environment, green energy and sustainability. The project involves three initiatives: a work space for professionals (the green corner), events, and the opportunity to advertise job openings, including through CILG’s newsletter.

This is a designated work space at CILG for professionals to participate in research activities on green topics and build synergies with the Faculty’s researchers. Legal practitioners will have the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research and education in their areas of interest.



The Green Corner welcomes professionals working on climate, energy, environment and sustainability from a broad range of organizations, including government agencies, law firms, businesses, NGOs, think tanks and international organizations.


Events will be organized in collaboration with the different project partners, building on CILG’s successful track record of events organised in collaboration with external organisations. Initiatives include presentations and career events aiming to connect students with the professional world, like the career fair organized at the Faculty of Law.


Green Partners will have the opportunity to advertise relevant job openings through CILG’s various platforms, including the quarterly Climate and Sustainability Newsletter and social media.





Name Title Image
Bendel, Justine Irene Marie Curie Fellow Billede af Bendel, Justine Irene
Bürkert, Johanna Sophie PhD Fellow Billede af Bürkert, Johanna Sophie
Catonini, Federica PhD Fellow Billede af Catonini, Federica
Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella PhD Fellow Billede af Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella
Lederhaas, Elias Tikjøb Student FU Billede af Lederhaas, Elias Tikjøb
Lev, Amnon Head of Centre, Associate Professor Billede af Lev, Amnon
Martinez Romera, Beatriz Associate Professor Billede af Martinez Romera, Beatriz
Monti, Alessandro Assistant Professor Billede af Monti, Alessandro
Nordlander, Linnéa Assistant Professor Billede af Nordlander, Linnéa
Poulsen, Pernille Holten PhD Student Billede af Poulsen, Pernille Holten
Weber, Viktor Postdoc Billede af Weber, Viktor

Additional members


Beatriz Martinez RomeraAssociate Prof. on Environmental and Climate Change Law
Beatriz Martinez Romera
MOB +45 29700410

Kromann Reumert

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