PHD and PostDoc Projects

Overview of all ongoing PhD and Postdoc projects in CILG.

PhD projects:



Stella’s PhD project forms part of the research project 'International Law-Making: Actors in Shipping and Climate Change (InterAct)', which is carried out and supervised by Associate Professor Beatriz Martinez Romera and financed by the Carlsberg Foundation. The project’s main research objective is to understand the role of the different international actors involved in the regulation of shipping induced climate change in the Arctic. The intended research outcome of the project is to contribute to the theory of actors involved in international law-making and elucidate on the barriers and opportunities to advance regulation addressing climate change in the Arctic.

PhD student Ana Stella Ebbersmeyer











Johanna's PhD project, supervised by Associate Professor Beatriz Martinez Romera, aims at evaluating law in an resilience-building context. The effects of climate change are already very visible in the Arctic, and are likely to increase in the future. As a consequence, Arctic socio-ecological systems experience changes that can influence ways in which humans and the environment interact and continue to exist in the future. The project aims to understand whether and in what way law can be used as a tool to contribute to resilience in the Arctic. By taking a qualitative empirical approach next to the legal doctrinal analysis, the project sets out to provide a law-in-context assessment of the international legal framework under study, in order to investigate not only its theoretical, but also its practical effectiveness.

PhD student Johanna Sophie Bürkert



Federica's PhD project, supervised by Associate Prof. Beatriz Martinez Romera (primary supervisor) and Associate Prof. Amnon Lev, explores the interaction betweeninternational climate change law and ocean governance, focusing on the regulation (conservation, management and enhancement) of blue carbon ecosystems.

PhD student Federica Catonini






Sidsel’s PhD project explores the role of European consensus in the protection and development of the rights and freedoms of minority groups within the European Court of Human Rights. The project is supervised by Jens Elo Rytter (primary supervisor) and Pernille Boye Koch, and is co-financed with the Danish Institute for Human Rights.


PhD Student Sidsel Juul




Postdoc Projects:

His research focuses on the role of the shipping industry’s various actors in the effort of decarbonizing maritime transport. He is interested in both the theoretical framework for climate action by the shipping industry and the pragmatic set of measures that can lead to efficient decarbonization.

Postdoc Viktor Weber



Interfor is a research project that explores how the implementation of forest regulation can be enhanced, in order to better protect forested lands and the people inhabiting them. Forest protection is, in legal terms, rather scattered: in the context of forest-related environmental and climate governance, a mix of various layers of legal instruments with different goals exists, at the local, regional and global levels.

Marie Curie Fellow Justine Bendel




Name Title Image
Bendel, Justine Irene Marie Curie Fellow Billede af Bendel, Justine Irene
Bürkert, Johanna Sophie PhD Fellow Billede af Bürkert, Johanna Sophie
Catonini, Federica PhD Fellow Billede af Catonini, Federica
Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella PhD Fellow Billede af Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella
Juul, Sidsel Engmann PhD Fellow Billede af Juul, Sidsel Engmann
Poulsen, Pernille Holten PhD Student Billede af Poulsen, Pernille Holten
Weber, Viktor Postdoc Billede af Weber, Viktor