Alessandro Monti

Alessandro Monti


Alessandro's main research area is the interaction between international economic law and climate change law and he has a specific interest in the role played by the international legal system to support the decarbonization of the energy sector. He also writes on EU climate and energy policies and the legal instruments related to the European Green Deal. 

His PhD thesis "The Mutual Supportiveness of International Climate and Trade Law for the Promotion of Renewable Energy" has analyzed, on the basis of recent WTO disputes targeting the renewable energy sector, to what extent the international trade regime can support the achievement of climate goals.

Current research

Alessandro's postdoctoral research is part of the project Enhancing Climate Action through International Law (EnAct), funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond). Within this project, Alessandro examines the challenges and opportunities emerging under international investment law for the green transition.


Alessandro teaches the Master's course "Climate Change and the Law" and the Bachelor's course "International Law". He has held guest lectures in several additional courses, including "Transatlantic Climate Change and Energy Law" and "International Energy Law and Sustainability".

He provides supervision of bachelor and master theses on International and EU Environmental Law, Climate Change Law and Energy Law, also within the framework of the "Greenhouse".

ID: 241797559