27 January 2022

Jørgen Nyberget

Climate Desk: January – May 2022

Jørgen Nyberget is an LLM student at the University of Copenhagen and has professional experience in climate and environmental law and policy. He works for the Center for International Environmental Law in Geneva and with the carbon capture and storage boutique law firm IOM Law. Previously, he obtained an LLM in Energy and Environmental Law from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Jørgen joins the Climate Desk at CILG from January to May 2022 to write his master's thesis on the international regulation of plastic pollution, which is supervised by Associate Professor Beatriz Martinez Romera and connected to the NeOGov Project.  The thesis will examine how existing domestic regulation of (marine) plastic pollution can inform and shape the development of the aims, scope, approaches, and mechanisms of a global agreement on plastic pollution. In addition, it will touch upon the fragmented international plastics regime, with a focus on the transport of plastic waste, regional seas conventions, and (marine) pollution agreements.