10 January 2023

Christoffer Ousager

Christoffer joins the Climate Desk at CILG from January till February 2023

Christoffer’s project report named: "‘The role of International Law in accommodating Climate Action in the European Union’ is supervised by Associate Prof. Beatriz Martinez Romera. The report will elucidate the legal processes surrounding the green transition in the European Union. The research seeks to determine the role of International Law, EU-Law in particular, in relation to the green transition and analyse whether, particularly EU-Law, is adequate to accommodate climate action in the European Union.

During the research Christoffer is positioned at the Danish Embassy in Spain through an internship. During spring 2023 Spain is preparing its Presidency of the EU-Counsel which takes place during autumn 2023, therefore the presence on the Danish Embassy in Spain can help illuminate the research from both a legal and political standpoint.