Climate Desk

The Climate Desk is an initiative launched in January 2022 open to students who write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis on climate change topics and who are supervised by CILG researchers. The aim is to provide these students with a quiet space to write their thesis and the opportunity to partake in the Centre’s research projects and initiatives,  and interact with the Centre's researchers.

Are you interested in the Climate Desk? Please contact Postdoc Linnéa Nordlander (



  • Anna Møller Pedersen and Agata Karbowska – LL.M. thesis: Klimaforandringer i et menneskeretligt perspektiv / Climate Change in a Human Rights Perspective. Climate Desk: Autumn 2022.
  • Olesea Gadirca – LL.M. thesis: Renewable Energy Communities under the Clean Energy Package. Climate Desk: Autumn 2022.
  • Rob William Brew – LL.M. thesis: Regulation of renewable energy under bilateral and regional trade agreements: a comparative analysis. Climate Desk: Autumn 2022.
  • Emilie Jane Coutin – LL.M. thesis: Grønvaskning af finansielle produkter i Danmark: en analyse af sammenspillet mellem markedsføringsloven og EU's taksonomiforordning. Climate Desk: Autumn 2022.
  • Anna Jupp - LL.M thesis: Climate Litigation Against Corporations: The Role of Human Rights. Climate Desk: Spring 2022.
  • Ida Isaksen - LL.B thesis: How could the principles from the ECtHR environmental jurisprudence under art. 2 be applied to climate change claims brought to the ECtHR?. Climate Desk: Spring 2022.
  • Jørgen Nyberget - LL.M thesis: Towards a global treaty on plastic pollution - lessons from domestic regulation. Climate Desk: Spring 2022.







Name Title Image
Bendel, Justine Irene Marie Curie Fellow Billede af Bendel, Justine Irene
Bürkert, Johanna Sophie PhD Fellow Billede af Bürkert, Johanna Sophie
Catonini, Federica PhD Fellow Billede af Catonini, Federica
Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella PhD Fellow Billede af Ebbersmeyer, Ana Stella
Martinez Romera, Beatriz Associate Professor Billede af Martinez Romera, Beatriz
Monti, Alessandro Assistant Professor Billede af Monti, Alessandro
Nordlander, Linnéa Assistant Professor Billede af Nordlander, Linnéa
Poulsen, Pernille Holten PhD Student Billede af Poulsen, Pernille Holten
Weber, Viktor Postdoc Billede af Weber, Viktor


Beatriz Martinez RomeraBeatriz Martinez Romera
Associate Professor on Environmental and Climate Change Law

Centre for International Law and Governance, Faculty of Law
Phone: +45 29700410

Christoffer Ousager


Christoffer’s project report named: "‘The role of International Law in accommodating Climate Action in the European Union’ is supervised by Associate Prof. Beatriz Martinez Romera. The report will elucidate the legal processes surrounding the green transition in the European Union. The research seeks to determine the role of International Law, EU-Law in particular, in relation to the green transition and analyse whether, ...

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