Climate Arctic Governance (CArGo)

The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Research Network on Climate Arctic Governance (CArGo) is to advance research in Arctic governance to meet the climate and sustainability challenges the world is facing. 
CArGo’s subject areas and activities will focus on Arctic socio-economic systems and the different legal, political, geographical and cultural regimes at play. The network incorporates scholars from law, political science, geoscience and humanities to explore research synergies on this topic.

CArGo draws together researchers from different disciplines working on Arctic climate governance with the aim to explore research synergies in this area.

While CArGo’s founding partners represent law, political science, humanities and science, the network is open to all disciplines and researchers, and it is the goal of CArGo to incorporate more scholars over time to broaden views, approaches and funding opportunities.




















Founding members

Name Title Image
Kristensen, Kristian Søby Senior Researcher, Deputy Head of Centre Billede af Kristensen, Kristian Søby
Martinez Romera, Beatriz Associate Professor Billede af Martinez Romera, Beatriz
Sejersen, Frank Associate Professor Billede af Sejersen, Frank
Sjöberg, Ylva Associate Professor Billede af Sjöberg, Ylva

Additional members

Student Ana Stella Ebbersmeyer, CILG

Ana Stella Ebbersmeyer

Postdoc Linnéa Nordlander, CILG

Linnéa Nordlander

Postdoc Alessandro Monti, CILG

Alessandro Monti


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Climate Arctic Governance (CArGo) has received a two year funding from University of Copenhagen.

Period: September 2021 – September 2023.


Beatriz Martinez RomeraPI Associate Professor
Beatriz Martinez Romera

South Campus, Building 6A.4.09
DK 2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 35 32 31 80