31 August 2022

Riccardo Stupazzini

Visiting Stay: September 2022 - November 2022

Riccardo Stupazzini is a PhD fellow in Public, Comparative and International Law (European Administrative Environmental Law curriculum) at the Department of Political Sciences as well as an academic tutor of Public Law in the Faculty of Economics of Sapienza University of Rome. Currently, he is spending a visiting research period at the CILG at the University of Copenhagen.

Riccardo's PhD project aims at analyzing the legal aspects of risk and emergency regulation, focusing on how public administrative organizations and powers are affected by this. Within this context, a particular emphasis is placed on understanding such a topic referring to the areas of regulations mainly conditioned by climate change impacts, such as floods, droughts and forest fires.  
Riccardo's research interests include also climate change litigations and the regulation of waste management.

Prior to joining the Sapienza University of Rome as a PhD student, he graduated with honors in Sciences of Administration and Public Policies from the University and he completed an internship in the administration of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers.