23 May 2022

Randall Abate

Visiting Stay: June 2022

Randall S. Abate is the inaugural Rechnitz Family and Urban Coast Institute Endowed Chair in Marine and Environmental Law and Policy, a Professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology, and the Director of the Institute for Global Understanding at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. He teaches courses in domestic and international environmental law, climate justice, constitutional law, and animal law. Professor Abate joined the Monmouth faculty in 2018 with 24 years of full-time law teaching experience at six U.S. law schools. He has published six books and thirty-five law journal articles and book chapters on environmental and animal law topics, with a recent emphasis on climate change law and justice. He is the author of Climate Change and the Voiceless: Protecting Future Generations, Wildlife, and Natural Resources (Cambridge University Press, 2019).

At CILG, he will deliver a lecture in the Lunch Seminar Series on Climate and Sustainability and will be interviewed on The Climate Show podcast.