16 December 2022

New publication from CarGo members


As part of the interdisciplinary collaboration within the CArGo network, Frank SejersenKristian Søby Kristensen and our Johanna Bürkert contributed to the 10th volume on Current Developments in Arctic Law, published by the University of Lapland.

The Main takeaways from the paper was in light of the recent lawmaking processes, such as the Central Arctic Ocean Fisheries agreement indicate that anticipatory thinking and governance is on the rise in the Arctic. While this is a progress from traditional, more reactive ways of lawmaking, anticipating for climate change and its effects will also require transformations of governance to address the effects of climate change equitable and just manner and enhance legitimacy and effectiveness of measures.

The full Article, titled "Arctic law in the face of climate change – a turning point? Anticipatory lawmaking and new modes of governance" can be read here