25 August 2022

Christiaan De Beukelaer

Visiting Stay: August-september 2022

Christiaan De Beukelaer is a senior lecturer in Culture and Climate at the University of Melbourne.  He obtained his PhD from the University of Leeds and holds a first degree in Musicology (BA, University of Amsterdam) and postgraduate degrees in Cultural Studies (MA, University of Leuven) and Development Studies (MSc, University of Leuven).

His research focuses, in particular, on two areas:

First, he works on the decarbonisation of the shipping industry through the project Shipping in the Oceanic Commons: Regulation and Prefiguration (funded by the ClimateWorks Foundation). He has published findings from this project in Climate Policy, Marine Policy, and Cultural Studies. His first book on shipping (Trade Winds: A Sailing Voyage to a Sustainable Future for Shipping) will come out in January 2023 with Manchester University Press.

Second, he is working on a research project on ‘UNESCO and the Making of Global Cultural Policy’ funded by the Australian Research Council.

His four books to date are: Global Cultural Economy (Routledge, 2019, with Kim-Marie Spence); Developing Cultural Industries: Learning from the Palimpsest of Practice (European Cultural Foundation, 2015); Globalization, Culture, and Development (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, co-edited with Miikka Pyykkönen and JP Singh); and Cultural Policies for Sustainable Development (Routledge 2018, co-edited with Anita Kangas and Nancy Duxbury).